Belvedere Museum Wien

On the centenary of the death of the painter Egon Schiele, Tactile Studio worked with the Belvedere Museum of Vienna to create a tactile interpretation of his work The Family (1918).

Client : Louvre museum
Partner : Wam


We produced it in three levels of relief, to help explain the masterpiece.
The first level presents the painter Schiele himself and the sofa on which he sits, symbolising the solid base of the family. His wife is placed on a slightly raised second level of relief, and then the child in the foreground at a higher level. This progression of levels of relief allows visitors to understand the superimposition of the characters. The bodies, faces and clothes are distinguished from each other both visually and by touch by the use of different textures.

This interpretation is still open to the public at the Belvedere Museum in Vienna, opposite Egon Schiele’s original work.